Educational Innovations Grants Program

Cycle II

Development of a Simulation-Based Tool for the Assessment of Inter-Professional Teamwork in Pediatric Residents

Awarded to: Leah Mallory MD

The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center

The International Network for Simulation-Based Pediatric Innovation, Research and Education (INSPIRE) and the Association of Pediatric Program Directors (APPD) had worked previously to identify key areas of professional development that lack rigorous, objective assessment methods and were amenable to simulation-based assessment. This needs assessment identified “ability to work in inter-professional teams to enhance patient safety” as one such area. In order to evaluate and improve upon this skill longitudinally as a part of pediatric residency curricula, we need robust methods of measurement. Given previous experience within INSPIRE developing simulation-based assessment tools, a mixed methods study will be used to develop and validate a simulation-based assessment tool for this key area.

Patient-Provider Communication Project

Awarded to: Mary Becker, MD

Department of Palliative Medicine

While MMC has ongoing instruction in communication in several residency training programs, it currently lacks a structured, evidence based, coordinated approach for teaching provider-patient communication to residents and other clinical trainees. This project will develop a patient-provider communication curriculum in goals-of-care conversations for post graduate learners at MMC, and will focus on the instruction of these skills to residents and/or fellows using innovative and scalable teaching methods based on best practices in the field of education. This project as a first step in the development of a center for patient-provider communication that is comprehensive and evidence-based, addressing both the training and research needs consistently in the local health system and ultimately reaching members of the larger healthcare community in all disciplines at all levels of learning and practice

Developing a Toolkit for Resdiency and Fellowship Directors for shared Decision Making in Graduate Medical Education

Awarded to: Kathleen Fairfield, MD, MPH, DrPH

Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation

The project will develop and pilot test a scalable, sustainable program for disseminating education in shared decision making (SDM) communication skills to resident and fellows at MMC. The project will develop a toolkit of SDM educational tools that can be used by faculty from residency and fellowship programs for different specialties and tailored to individual clinical scenarios that trainees routinely encounter. The project will then pilot the toolkit to train faculty in 8 residency programs at MMC, and measure the impact of this training.

Proposal for Center for Medical Humanities

Awarded to: Dina J. McKelvy, MA, MLS, AHIP

Library & Knowledge Services

This project will engineer the Center for Medical Humanities to enrich the curriculum in undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education. The Center will offer a suite of faculty development resources, curriculum development for third- and fourth-year undergraduates, and support for interprofessional education in the medical humanities. In addition, it will provide a context for existing cornerstone medical humanities programs that support lifelong learning and interprofessional education such as the Cairns Symposium, Healers’ Renewal, Literature & Medicine and the Maine Medical Center Archives.