Welcome to the MITE Senior Clinician Engagement Program (SCEP)!

Program Goals:

  • provide an organized approach to facilitate senior clinicians preparing for retirement and
  • offer opportunities so that senior clinicians can remain actively engaged with the academic and clinical missions of MaineHealth.


A key component of SCEP is the option for those clinicians considering retirement the chance to meet confidentially with a peer to discuss their plans.

Clinicians should email or call Bob Bing-You, MD (Robert.Bing-You@mainehealth.org, 207-662-7060), MMC Director, Continuing Interprofessional Development, who will then arrange for this peer consultation.


This MITE SCEP website offers multiple resources such as:

  • Academic opportunities and contact information
  • Clinical opportunities and contact information
  • Articles describing retirement issues
  • Video testimonies by recently retired clinicians
  • Maine Medical Partners Transition Plan worksheet