Department of Medical Education 

Maine Track Admissions subcommittee

Interviewing and helping select the incoming class of Maine Track medical students is one of the most important roles we have. This challenge is also very rewarding and incredibly fun. We typically interview September through March, and on Friday mornings. We ask every subcommittee member to interview on at least 6 dates and to attend subcommittee meetings. Besides traditional 1:1 interviews, we also use the Multiple Mini-Interview technique.


If you are interested in volunteering on the subcommittee, please contact either co-chair of the subcommittee: Bob Bing-You or Jo Linder


The Health Career Pipeline is seeking physicians who would be willing to be un-scrubbed chaperones in the OR, mentors to students interested in health careers and availability to offer informational interviews about your health career.

  1. OR Chaperones: We have many learners interested in shadowing in the OR and many surgeons willing to accommodate. What we lack is experienced, un-scrubbed chaperones to help guide the learners. These learners include, high school students and pre-health college students. We are looking for providers who are interested in not only providing guidance in the OR but who are also willing to answer questions and help nurture future health care providers.
  2. Mentors: We have many students looking for guidance and resources in pursuing a health career. Would you be willing to take a student under you wing and help them better understand the process of applying to medical school, building a career, choosing a specialty and so much more?

III. Informational Interview: Would you be available to chat with a student about your career and specialty? Many student are curious and just don’t have access to a provider. This would be a tremendous help to many students, in particular high school students.


If any of these opportunities interest you or if there are questions, please contact Janell Lewis, manager of the Health Career Pipeline Program. She can be reached by email: or phone: 207-662-8751.

Journal of Maine Medical Center

Launched in 2018, the Journal of Maine Medical Center is an online, open-access journal devoted to supporting the academic mission through publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly work. Areas of focus include health care innovation, interprofessional healthcare and education, rural medicine and professional engagement and development.  We need manuscript reviewers! We offer online training in peer review as well as CME credit for completed reviews.


If you are interested in being a manuscript peer reviewer, please contact the Editor-in-Chief: Bob Bing-You

Tufts Core Clerkship Boot Camp (aka Third Year Orientation):

The TUSM-MMC Program Core Clerkship Bootcamp is designed to prepare medical students for the Core Clerkship year. Orientation week is held the week prior to starting core clerkships and provides an opportunity for the students to gain a basic understanding of basic clinical tools (ECG, Imaging, Laboratory), to practice oral case presentations and basic clinical skills.  Each year we have opportunities for volunteer faculty to facilitate oral presentations and teach clinical skills workshops (Wound Care, Tubes, Suturing, Vascular Access, Airway Management).  Time commitment is ~4 hours per session.


If you are interested in volunteering or for more information, please contact Jo Linder, Assistant Dean for Students, via email: or phone: 207.662.8766.

Tufts Maine Track Orientation

The goals of the Tufts Maine Track orientation for brand new, first-year medical students are to provide an introduction to fellow students, the Maine faculty, and our innovative curriculum.  We also introduce students to healthcare in Maine, including health care systems, population health issues, medical ethics, and team-based care concepts.


Opportunities include (most performed in small groups):

  • Introduction to the Clinical Setting workshops (Roles, Vital Signs, Confidentiality)
  • Rural medicine and population health discussion


If you are interested in volunteering or for more information, please contact Carl Germann:

4th year Capstone (Internship boot camp)

The goals of the 4th year medical student Capstone include the following:

  • Discuss specific challenges and concerns regarding internship
  • Review common communication and sign-out difficulties
  • Review end of life discussion and death notification
  • Review common clinical and procedural skills
  • Discuss physician wellness


Possible opportunities – (varying educational methods):

  • Procedural skills workshops (airway, vascular access, ultrasound, eye examination)
  • Radiology Review
  • Physician Wellness and Burnout
  • ECG review
  • Advance Directive, Code Status, and Death Notification
  • Malpractice and Error Disclosure


If you are interested in volunteering or for more information, please contact Carl Germann:

Opportunities Outside Medical Education 

MaineHealth Government Relations

From the MaineHealth website: “Operating at the intersection of health, business, education, not-for-profit and public spheres, we feel a responsibility to advocate for policies that best promote the health of the people of Maine. MaineHealth believes taking a leadership role in public policy is a critical element of working together so our communities are the healthiest in America.”


If you are interested in helping us advocate for our Maine citizens, please contact Katie Fullam Harris, Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Accountable Care Strategy