MMC awards educational activity credits for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physicians assistants, social workers and psychologists.

Access directions and forms below.

Step 1

  • Identify the type of activity and type of planning template you will need (see definitions below)
  • Access detailed instructions in the link below

Step 2

  • Complete the identified planning template
  • Submit your application for review and approval

**Accreditation Process Timelines here**

Please note:

  • Activity application should be submitted for review and approval at least 6 weeks prior to the activity date. 
  • Contact the CiPD team at with questions. 

CloudCME Application

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Definitions of Activity Types:


course is a live activity where the learner participates in person. A course is planned as an individual event. Examples: an annual meeting, conference, or seminar.

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) is a live activity planned as a series with multiple, ongoing sessions, e.g., offered weekly, monthly, or quarterly. A regularly scheduled series generally targets the same audience over the whole series. Examples include grand rounds, tumor boards, and morbidity and mortality conferences.

Internet Live Course

An internet live course is an online course available at a certain time on a certain date and is only available in real-time, just as if it were a course held in an auditorium.  Once the event has taken place, learners may no longer participate in that activity.  Examples include a livestream, webcast, or webinar.

Enduring Material

An enduring material is a printed, recorded, or computer-based activity that endures over a specified time and does not have a specific time or location designated for participation; rather, the participant determines whether and when to complete the activity.

Journal-based Activity

journal-based activity is an activity that is planned and presented by an accredited provider and in which the learner reads one or more articles (or adapted formats for special needs) from a peer-reviewed professional journal.

Manuscript Review

Manuscript review is an activity in which a learner participates in the critical review of an assigned journal manuscript during the pre-publication review process of a journal.

Committe Learning

Committee learning is a live activity that involves a learner’s participation in a committee process addressing a subject which, if taught/learned in another format, would be considered within the definition of continuing education.

Performance Improvement

performance improvement activity is structured as a three-stage process by which a physician or group of physicians learn about specific performance measures, assess their practice using the selected performance measures, implement interventions to improve performance related to these measures over a useful interval of time, and then reassess their practice using the same performance measures.

Learning From Teaching

Learning from teaching activities are personal learning projects designed and implemented by the learner with facilitation from the accredited provider. This type of activity recognizes the learning that occurs as physicians prepare to teach. Learning from teaching represents a range of activities in which an accredited provider can facilitate practice-based learning and improvement – where the ‘practice’ could be the person’s professional “teaching practice” or “clinical practice” or “research practice.”


Maine Medical Center (MMC) is committed to excellence in patient care, education and research, as evidenced in its Mission, Vision, Values, and Key Success Factors. As both a premiere tertiary care and teaching institution and a community hospital for the Greater Portland area, MMC is committed to its role in the provision of continuing interprofessional development for health care professionals throughout and beyond the State of Maine.

Health professionals in many MMC departments are integral to the achievement of MMC’s strategic goals and initiatives. These departments are dedicated to the provision of continuing interprofessional development (CIPD) designed to address professional practice gaps and associated learning needs and to build upon the knowledge and professional progression of members of the healthcare team.

CiPD Leadership and Staff

Katy Kruithoff, RN, MS

Katy Kruithoff, RN, MS

Katy Kruithoff joined the Department of Medical Education in January 2009 as a consultant supporting various medical education projects.  As of 2011, as Project Manager, her scope of work includes projects within the department supporting UME and GME strategic initiatives including the implementation of the Annual Institutional Review (AIR) Survey.

Katy received her Master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Southern Maine and a BS in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts. As a nurse she worked primarily in pediatric specialty units and assisted reproductive technology programs in both educational and administrative capacities.

Kelley-Anne Clisham-Program Coordinator II-CiPD

Kelley-Anne Clisham-Program Coordinator II-CiPD

Kelley-Anne Clisham-Program Coordinator II-CiPD

Ms. Clisham serves as part of the program support for Continuing Interprofessional Development Department. Previously provided administrative support for MITE/Faculty Development with the Department of Medical Education at Maine Medical Center. She received her BFA in Fine Arts from the College of Art & Design-Lesley University in Massachusetts. Ms. Clisham’ s interests are in Medical Education planning and program support. Prior to starting her work with Maine Medical Center, she worked in the Boston, MA area as an Executive Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Psychiatry Practice Assistant, proofreader at a newspaper and a window dresser. Currently, Ms. Clisham lives in Portland with her partner and two cats.

Laura Stanley-Program Coordinator II-CiPD

Laura Stanley-Program Coordinator II-CiPD

Laura Stanley-Program Coordinator II-CiPD

Ms. Stanley serves as a Continuing Interprofessional Development Program Coordinator II, with the Department of Medical Education at Maine Medical Center. Her interests are in continuing medical education planning for system events and activities. Prior to working with Medical Education, she served eight years as an Event Planner with MaineHealth Education Services. Currently, Ms. Stanley lives in Windham with her son, one dog, and two cats.

Robert Bing-You, MD, MEd, MBA

Robert Bing-You, MD, MEd, MBA

Director of Continuing Interprofessional Development, Department of Medical Education at Maine Medical Center
Co-Director of The Academy

Dr. Bing-You is a graduate of George Washington University School of Medicine. He completed his Internal Medicine residency training here at Maine Medical Center, followed by a clinical and research fellowship in Endocrinology. He then went on to obtain a Masters in Adult Education at the University of Southern Maine. He completed his MBA degree through the University of Massachusetts. For eight years, Dr. Bing-You served as Residency Program Director and Clerkship Director for the Department of Internal Medicine. Dr. Bing-You served as MMC Vice President for Medical Education for 29 years. He helped establish MITE in 2015 and has served as Co-Director of the Academy since its initiation. He has been active at the leadership level of several educational committees, such as MMC Graduate Medical Education Committee, CME Advisory Committee, and Maine Track Admissions Subcommittee, to name a few. Dr. Bing-You has a small endocrinology practice at PenBay Medical Center.

Contact Information:


Office: 207-662-7060