Thomas Q. Reynolds, DO has always known that he wanted to be a pediatrician since he was a child. It was during medical school that he became supremely interested in the brain and the nervous system. Dr. Reynolds is “from away” but came to Maine for college and stayed for medical school. During his time there, he developed a love for neuroanatomy but stayed true to his original interests and first pursued general pediatrics training at Maine Medical Center. He realized during that time that he needed to become a pediatric neurologist, not only for his own interests in the nervous system but also because there were not enough pediatric neurologists in the state at that time. Since returning to Maine in 2011 as a pediatric neurologist, he has grown his practice and ability to take care of children with nervous system disorders, ranging from extremely premature babies in the NICU to adolescents and young adults with both common and rare neurological disorders. Thomas is very proud of the work accomplished at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital over the years and looks forward to continuing to serve the children of the state of Maine for decades to come.

Clinical Interests: Movement Disorders, Narcolepsy, Neurocritical Care, NeuroMetabolic and Mitochondrial Disease, Sleep Disorders, Tics Tourette Syndrome.

Project Name: Analysis of and Improvement in Scholarly Activity in the Department of Pediatrics