Our October/ November journal club blog post was written by Tom Van der Kloot, MD; please click the link below for the article and comment below.

The Future of Graduate Medical Education: A Systems-Based Approach to Ensure Patient Safety
By James P. Bagian, MD

Discussion questions:

  1. What do you think about Dr. Bagian’s statement (page 2, middle column): “The recent cry to return to a “patient centered” model of care demonstrates a concrete lack of a systems approach to health care delivery that is focused on the needs of the patient as the driving force.”
  2. Dr. Bagian points out that: “Worse yet, the contradiction and apparent hypocrisy as demonstrated in the difference between what residents are told in a didactic setting and what they see in the actual practice of the faculty and operation of the institutions where they receive their training can imbue cynicism in the trainees.” Do you feel that this “hypocrisy” is evidenced in the clinical learning environment in which you work? If so, what can and will you do to combat the problem?
  3. What is your opinion about the supposition that the GME level is the ideal focus to create the change for which Dr. Bagian calls?

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