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Internal Medicine Residents’ Perspectives on Receiving Feedback in Milestone Format

As all residency programs have now completed one or two years utilizing Milestones as an integral basis of residency evaluation and structure, this article was selected to stimulate discussion about how Milestones have changed the structure of evaluation and what learners’ perspectives are on that feedback.

Questions to consider when reading this article

  1. Why was this article published if only 51% of internal medicine residents “agreed or strongly agreed that receiving feedback in a milestone-based format was more helpful than previous non–milestone-based biannual feedback”?
  2. Would another study design have offered better insight into resident perspectives, as compared to a survey-based study?
  3. This study was conducted at the transition from “previous evaluations” to Milestone-based evaluations. How could residents’ perspectives be explored now that there are few residents who remember the “previous evaluations’?

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