“As a junior faculty member, META has created a community of colleagues with a shared interest in education and has contributed significantly to my grounding in educational research methodology.”

Timothy Fallon, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine

META Scholars – Class of 2014

  Seated (L to R):  John Hatzenbuehler, Marybeth Ford, Vicki Hayes, Casey MacVane, Leah Mallory, Patrice Thibodeau   Standing L to R):  Sarah Hallen, Rick Tockman, Dan Meyer, Rob Anderson, Donald Medd, Garth Miller

  • John Hatzenbuehler, MD – Family Medicine
  • Marybeth Ford, M.D. – Ophthalmology
  • Vicki Hayes,M.D. – Family Medicine
  • Casey MacVane, MD-Emergency Medicine
  • Leah Mallory, MD – Peds
  • Patrice Thibodeau, MD – Med-Peds
  • Sarah Hallen, M.D. – Geriatrics
  • Rick Tockman, MD – Family Medicine
  • Dan Meyer, MD – Internal Medicine
  • Robert Anderson, MD – Internal / Emergency Medicine
  • Donald Medd, MD – Internal Medicine
  • Garth Miller, M.D. – Surgery

  2014-2016 Scholars

2014-2016 Scholars
Seated (L to R): Garth Miller, Katie Diamond-Falk, Stephen Hayes, Marybeth Ford Standing (L to R): Timothy Fallon, Shannon Bennett, Sarah Hallen, Hilamber Subba, Kathleen McGarr, Vicki Hayes, Elizabeth Herrle, Ellis Johnson
  • Garth Miller, M.D. – Surgery
  • Katie Diamond-Falk, M.D. – Med-Peds
  • Stephen Hayes, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • Marybeth Ford, M.D. – Ophthalmology
  • Timothy Fallon, M.D. – Emergency Medicine
  • Shannon Bennett, D.O. – Pediatrics
  • Sarah Hallen, M.D. – Geriatrics
  • Hilamber Subba, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • Kathleen McGarr, M.D., FAAFP – Family Medicine
  • Vicki Hayes,M.D. – Family Medicine
  • Elizabeth Herrle, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • Ellis Johnson, M.D., M.P.H. – Internal Medicine

 2016-2018 Scholars

Seated (L to R) Tamara Palka, Gary DiPerna, Ross Isacke Standing (L to R) Eliza Bullis, Emily Zarookian, and Sanjeev Francis

  • Tamara Palka, MD-Psychiatry
  • Gary DiPerna, DO-Nephrology
  • Ross Isacke, DO-Internal Medicine
  • Eliza Bullis, MD-Internal/Geriatric Medicine
  • Emily Zarookian, MD-Internal Medicine
  • Sanjeev Francis, MD-Cardiovascular Disease

 2017-2019 Scholars

(L to R): Christopher Turner, Matthew Buttarazzi, Kathryn Brouillette, Annabelle Rae C. Norwood, and Carly McAteer

  • Christopher Turner, MD – Pediatric Surgery
  • Matthew Buttarazzi, MD – Hospitalist
  • Kathryn Brouillette, MD – Hospitalist
  • Annabelle Rae C. Norwood, MD – Geriatrics
  • Carly McAteer, MD – Family Medicine

 2018-2020 Scholars

(L to R) Rebecca Hutchinson, William Sauer, MD, Jason Hine, MD, Angela Leclerc 

  • Rebecca Hutchinson, MD – Palliative Medicine
  • William Sauer, MD – Anesthesiology
  • Jason Hine, MD – Emergency Medicine
  • Angela Leclerc, PA-C – Geriatrics

 2019-2021 Scholars(L to R) Ruth Frydman, MD, Jeffrey Walawender, DDS, Eric Brown, MD, Jillian Gregory, DO, Thomas Reynolds, DO – Pediatrics

  • Ruth Frydman, MD – Psychiatry
  • Jeffrey Walawender, DDS – Dentistry
  • Eric Brown, MD – Anesthesiology
  • Jillian Gregory, DO – Pediatrics
  • Thomas Reynolds, DO – Pediatrics

    2020-2022 Scholars